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OSDForum 2020 Sponsored By

About OSDForum

The Open Source Developer Forum is a workshop that brings open source SW and HW (chips, boards and systems) developers together to collaborate and learn. The OSDForum includes talks from leading industry and academic experts focused on IoT, Edge and Machine Learning development leveraging open source SW and HW building blocks. The agenda also includes a hands-on session using a CORE-V MCU open-source RISC-V core FPGA development board. Made possible by the generous support of our sponsors, the OSDForum is a non-profit event with the low fee of $25 USD for industry and academic attendees. If you do not have a CORE-V MCU open-source RISC-V core FPGA development board, you can purchase one during the registration process at a discounted rate.

The OSDForum is co-hosted by CMC Microsystems, the Eclipse Foundation and the OpenHW Group.



  •   Standard Session
  •   Hands-on
  •   Break
Session Name Presenter Name Scheduled Time
Standard Session Welcome, logistics, agenda outline, sponsor thank yous 9:00am EDT
Standard Session Open Source Processor IP - for High Volume SoCs Rick O'Connor (OpenHW Group) 9:15am EDT
Standard Session Overiew of CORE-V Cores Davide Schiavone (OpenHW Group) 9:45am EDT
Standard Session Overview of CORE-V SDK Development Environment Frédéric Desbien (Eclipse Foundation) 10:15am EDT
Break 30min Break 10:45am EDT
Standard Session Overiew of CORE-V MCU & APU FPGA based platforms Florian Zaruba (OpenHW Group) 11:15am EDT
Hands-on Being Productive with Open Source Eclipse Development Tools Jonah Graham (Kichwa Coders) 11:45am EDT
Break 60m Lunch 12:15pm EDT
Hands-on SDK + IoT wireless connectivity using the CORE-V MCU FPGA platform Hugh Pollitt-Smith (CMC) + Guests 1:15pm EDT
Standard Session CORE-V University Research Project TBA 4:15pm EDT
Standard Session Closing Remarks Rick O'Connor (OpenHW Group) 4:45pm EDT
Standard Session Adjourn 5:00pm EDT